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Where an employee, worker, partner or director brings information about wrongdoing to the attention of their employer or another relevant organisation, they are called a ‘whistleblower’.

A whistleblower is protected from being unfairly dismissed or from suffering another detriment as a result of disclosing the information.   This means that you should not be:

  • dismissed
  • disciplined
  • demoted
  • suspended
  • excluded

If you do suffer a detriment or are dismissed then you can bring a claim.  You do not have to have been employed for any length of time and there is no limit on the compensation that you might be awarded if your claim is successful.


Whistleblowing claims are difficult. For example it only covers certain types of disclosures and the information has to be given to your employer or another specified person or organisation. It is therefore important to take expert advice on this matter.  For further information contact our Employment Law Partner This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the form on the right to give us an overview of your circumstances.