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It can be cheaper and less time consuming to label someone as “redundant” rather than (say) go through a performance management process with them. Just because an employer says that you have been dismissed for redundancy does not mean that you do not have other claims.

redundancy plan

A genuine redundancy is where:

  • the employer’s business, or part of the business, has ceased to operate; and/or
  • the employer’s business has moved to a different place; and/or
  • the business’s need for work of a particular type to be done has ceased or diminished.

Even if there is a genuine redundancy situation, your employer must still follow a correct redundancy process (see below) failing which the redundancy can still be deemed to be an unfair dismissal.

It is unlawful to have redundancy selection or a redundancy procedure which involves unlawful discrimination. For example, it would be unlawful and discriminatory to select someone for redundancy because they are on maternity leave or because they work part time.

You can calculate how much redundancy pay you are entitled to by clicking here

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