Expert, Affordable, Employment Advice


There are a number of different costs options depending on your circumstances:

  • Fixed Fees: This means that we will agree a fee for the total work to be done regardless of how long it takes. We can often agree fixed fees for matters such as advising on settlement agreements or new contracts of employment.
  • No Win No Fee: In most employment cases a ‘no win no fee arrangement’ means that you enter into a damages based agreement (DBA) which is an agreement between lawyer and client under which the client agrees to pay the lawyer a percentage of sums recovered in a claim. Sometimes there will still be other costs to pay such as experts' fees or employment tribunal fees.  DBAs are attractive to some clients because they can make the prospects of bringing a claim less financially risky. However, these arrangements are not appropriate for everyone and you could end up paying more overall than you would have if you paid on an hourly basis.  Not all cases are suitable for DBAs. We will explain all the options to you.
  • Hourly Rates: This means you pay according to how long the matter takes to complete. The actual hourly rate depends on the level of the qualification of the solicitor who is advising you.
  • Insurance Funded Claim via an existing insurance policy: Often individuals have the benefit of legal expenses insurance which will contribute towards our costs.  Most policies only pay towards legal fees once you have been dismissed. Despite what your insurer may tell you, you normally have the right to instruct a solicitor of your choice.

We will explain all the funding options available to you at the start of your case and will also identify with you the specific risk factors in your case in order to assess your prospects of success.